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Diana Ayvazova

Diana Ayvazova is a Grade 12 student at Thornhill Secondary School who believes the smallest actions have the biggest impact. Along with volunteering for WCCTWD and Gap-Gen, she is a member of her school’s Empowered Student Partnerships, DECA, cooking, mentor, and Ted Talk clubs. Her occasional free time is spent listening to music, baking, and working out. With her optimistic outlook, she makes the best of every situation and loves finding creative solutions to difficult problems. In the future, she hopes to work internationally and help bring joy to people’s lives.

Gigi Liang

Gigi Liang, a friend to all and uses exclamation marks way too often, is WCCTWD’s new Creative Director! As a happy, easygoing, optimistic cat enthusiast, she hopes to contribute new and exciting ideas for the upcoming year. With support and encouragement, she is certain that everyone has the ability to create change!

Alvin Li

Alvin Li is a Grade 11 student at Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS who loves helping people and learning new Science concepts in his free time. He is actively involved in the community through participating in multiple community initiatives. He discovered this amazing organization in 2016 and was impressed by the team of people who are dedicated to the noble cause. As the VP Community Relations of WCCTWD, he will be responsible for informing you about our exciting future events through the monthly newsletter, as well as connecting with other youth organizations to promote collaboration in the York Region community. He can’t wait to change the world in the upcoming year!

Tina Huang

Tina Huang is currently a Grade 12 student at Unionville High School. When she has spare time, she enjoys reading, playing the piano, and socializing with friends. With a strong desire to gain new experiences, she loves to travel, try new activities and participate in extra-curricular activities such participating in her school’s Choir, TRI-M, and Debate Club. She has volunteered with WCCTWD for over a year and has greatly enjoyed the experience of connecting with the community and working with other youth to help villages around the world. As the VP Treasurer this year, she is ready to take on the new challenges and responsibilities that come with this position! 

Queenie Kwan

Queenie Kwan is currently a student at Bayview Secondary School, and this is her first year with We Can Change The World Day. Queenie loves visual arts (especially days) and travelling; she hopes to be able to travel the world in the future. She is also a dog enthusiast (if you have a dog she loves you already) and of course, loves her own pup very much! She likes to spend her time eating (this is also how she deals with stress) and would be up for a buffet at any time (even though she doesn’t eat much). She loves making others happy and seeing them smile and often tries to have a positive mindset. Queenie is super pumped (like the night before Christmas hyped) for this year and to make positive impacts with her team.

Saduni Rajapaksa

Saduni Rajapaksa is a student of Richmond Hill High School, who is a proud member and VP Volunteer of We Can Change The World Day. She became involved with the organization in 2016 to help make an impact, raise voices and take action. Saduni enjoyed volunteering at the big event, We Can Change The World Day 3 and with other mini events, believing that even the smallest things can make an impact in the future. In her spare time, Saduni also enjoys bike-riding, watching movies, learning new things, listening to and playing music, and having fun with friends and family. She is passionate about providing access to clean water for those without, empowering women, and making sure every kid in the world has a chance to get an education. Through all the lemonade stands, barbeques, music jams and more, she has learned a lot about the power of a community, and the power of youth.

Hannah Elhamahmy

Hannah is a grade 11 student at Richmond Hill High School who has been volunteering with We Can Change The World Day since 2016. She is the Social Media Executive for the youth executive team. She enjoys reading, music, writing, watching movies and travelling and is very interested in fashion, business and psychology. Her favourite parts of being part of the We Can Change The World team are volunteering, working with new people, and working towards helping the less fortunate. As part of the team, she has gained many experiences and can’t wait to embark on new ones.


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