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Heather Skoll

Heather Skoll is the Founder of We Can Change the World Day. Inspired by Toronto WE Day in 2012, Heather launched a community version of WE Day in her hometown of Richmond Hill, Ontario. Along with her Co-Chair Heather Baker, she planned and executed the inaugural We Change the World Day in September 2013.

Little did Heather Skoll know how the spark of her idea would lead to global connections and outreach while giving opportunities to hundreds of youth in York Region to get involved with We Can Change the World Day and all of the events that take place year round. Thanks to many community partners, there have been creative events that have involved even more sectors of our community. 

For We Can Change the World Day 3, Heather took her vision even further by offering to mentor, along with Mariette Lee, an all youth executive team.

Sarah Nezon

Sarah Nezon is the Special Projects Manager for We Can Change the World Day. She can often be found snuggling her dog Murphy, hiking, reading, or watching sunsets. After graduating from the University of Guelph with a BA in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, Sarah knew she wanted to help others, but more importantly, that she wanted to help other people help others. With a passion for community and youth engagement, social justice and education, Sarah found the perfect fit with We Can Change the World Day. She joined the team in December 2017 and has worn multiple hats to support and facilitate the variety of youth driven initiatives that We Can Change the World Day has accomplished. She is constantly inspired by the achievements of the incredible youth within this unique community.

Sarah loves to travel, and believes that the greatest learning comes from the world around us. She feels grateful to be a part of an initiative that takes this approach for young people; fostering learning about global citizenship, interconnectedness, leadership, and social action.

Mariette Lee (Past Mentor)

A lover of swords, writing, music, long hikes, and epic snowball fights, Mariette believes in changing the world with grace and pizzazz. As part of her mission to become a socially-conscious citizen, Mariette collaborates with, and engages youth in a diverse range of community projects.

Mariette first started as a volunteer with We Can Change the World Day 1 back in September 2013. Wanting to learn more, Mariette traveled to Kenya in December 2014 with Me to We and joined the ranks of the awesome core team for We Can Change the World Day 2 in February 2015.

Emboldened by the love and enthusiasm of our community, Mariette is thrilled to return as the Youth Engagement Coordinator and Mentor of the We Can Change the World Day 3 youth executive team and subcommittee.

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