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LemonAID Cafe Seminar


Written By Jodi Murad

The LemonAid Cafe Workshop was held Monday May 26, 2014 at Covernotes in Richmond Hill and it was a great success!  We had a fantastic turn-out of kids of all ages that came to learn about how to run a lemonade stand.  We covered it all, from set-up, to budget, to marketing, even how to engage with customers!

A highlight of the workshop was when Jenna, a veteran of the LemonAid Cafe stand, ran through different scenarios with Heather S.  They went over possible questions that one could get asked at the stand and how to appropriately answer them. This was a great learning experience for all new potential LemonAid stand participants!

It was great to have the support and interaction of the adults in the crowd who helped us understand the importance of having sponsors (or your parents) help with the cost and preparation of the stand.We couldn’t have done it without their help and support!

We hope to see a LemonAid stand in your area soon to help support Free The Children.

 As successful summer for the LemonAID Cafe

Lemoande stand picture collageIMG_0275

The LemonAID Cafe raised over $2,100 in 4 months. A HUGE success thanks to all those willing to give up an afternoon or evening to run a lemonade stand. Creative recipes! Delicious treats! Lots of smiles and countless generous customers!!! Thank you so much for everyone’s contribution to this great success. The LemonAID Cafe will make its first appearance in 2014 at our PAINT 4 CHANGE event on March 22 and 23 at 96 Sweet Water Cres in Richmond Hill. Hope to see you there.

LemonAid Cafe at Fundraising Garage Sale  $480

Heather B, Hana, Jessica, Haley, Brittany, Maya, Zoe, Bethany  (not sure who else)

LemonAid Cafe 5 Senses Festival  $280.45

Heather S, Alison, Jenna, Brennan, Ken

LemonAid Cafe Scotiabank  $432.16

Jessica, Maya, Natalie, Haley, Brittany, Hana, Heather B $129
Alison, Emma, Heather S   $102.35
Jessica, Heather B, Bethany $200.81

LemonAid Cafe Moonlight Movies – $104

 Alison, Heather S,Jenna, Maya, Zoe, Haley, Brittany, Ken

LemonAid Cafe Jessica and Bethany   $28.40

LemonAid Cafe  Julia and Zoe $106

LemonAid Cafe   Vanessa and Nicole    $121.70

LemonAid Cafe Camp Heather   $28

LemonAid Cafe Silver Pines P.S

Our First Signature Lemonade Stand — June 1st

Note: Rain Date is Sunday June 2nd

The Lemonade Stand Committee has outdone themselves! This lemonade stand will definitely stop traffic. For our first event, the kids are pulling out all of the stops. Vanilla Lemonade, Classic Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and for the iced coffee loving patrons, Mocha Frappacinos!! Accompany that with a chocolate covered strawberry, a cake pop or one of a selection of cookies and other baked-goods. LemonAID Cafe

It is amazing what a group of motivated youth can do when they come together and share a passion to make a change and make a difference. Their inspiration was  Free the Children’s WE Day — their motivation now is to adopt a village in Kenya, so that they can help improve the well-being and the quality of life of kids across the globe.



How You Can Help? — Run your own LemonAID Cafe

We would love to let you use our portable LemonAID Cafe stand for your very own lemonade stand. If you would like to raise money to help us meet our goal, please feel free to ‘book’ it with us. Simply contact us (now). We can make arrangements to drop it off and also provide you with great recipes for lemonade and delicious treats. Then it is a simple matter of going to our Free the Children web page and donating the funds that you have raised there. Click here to DONATE  Every effort counts! We are trying to reach our goal of $30,000.

LemonAID Cafe flyer

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